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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Rigs For Different Spots

          When you fish at different places your always going to have a certain rig for that spot. I wanna share some of my rigs for some of my fishing spots.
          My bait casting rig for Barbers Point is really simple. I use 30lb test lead line with an 8ounce lead and 60lb test line connected to a small hook.(but not too small). I have caught many fish using this simple set up while just bait casting. When I slide bait in Barbers Point I usually make long rub line because of the reef. My rub line is usually 100-150lb test. I then connect that to my stop ring. When I slide bait I use 40lb test for my 9ounce wire lead. The length of my lead line is usually 1-1 1/2 arms length. After all this I tie it to my main line which is 60lb test and you ready to go.
          When I go to the west side or north shore I make my rigs really heavy duty.(always ready for da 100 poundah) My bait casting rig is almost the same but I use a little bit bigger hook for bait fish and Papio. My slide bait rig is the same but I use crimps to hold everything together. Crimps are very strong and can bring in really big fish. After all that is done I connect all that to my main line by tying it together with a double clinch knot.

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  1. I'm glad I found your blog. I Just moved to Maui, in Haiku. I have some gear, but need someone to show me the ropes. I've only fished lakes before.